Sandviken Naturist Camping

The Naturist camping is beautifully situated in scenic and partly hilly terrain with woodland next to Lake Yngen 15 km northwest of Filipstad.
Sandviken's Freibad and naturist campsite outside Persberg where you can swim and sunbathe with or without clothes, the choice is yours. Beautifully located next to Lake Yngen. The facility is run by the Värmlands naturist association.
The bath in Lake Yngen, a clear water lake with beautiful clean and fresh water. The sandy beach is long and very child friendly, and a large lovely lawn borders the beach.

The campsite and the swimming area are open to the public, where everyone is welcome to swim with or without swimwear. There is car parking less than 100 meters from the bathroom.

The camping is characterized by kindness and conviviality. A place where friends meet. The barbecue area (Höjdpunkten) is famous!

More information and prices can be found on the website.

Seasonally open from mid May to early September.
Opening hours
Seasonally open from mid May to early September.
Sandvikens Fribad och Camping
Lervik, Sandviken Camping 1
682 92 Filipstad
Municipality: Filipstad
Sandvikens Naturistcamping ligger ca 15 km nordöst om Filipstad och 6 km nordöst om Persberg vid sjön Yngen.Från Filipstad, kör väg 63 mot Hällefors/Ludvika
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Pricetype: Campsite 24/h
Price: 190 kr
Campsite from SEK 190/night. For more information see website
Pricetype: Cabin
Price: 500 kr