Thomas Jansson

Thomas Jansson
Former union coach for Sweden's swimming team

Former union coach for Sweden's swimming team Thomas Jansson, born in Filipstad in 1953 and active entrepreneurs and in sports.

Early on, Thomas had a strong sports interest, primarily for swimming, where a credit was Swedish youth champion. As a senior, he attended the Swedish Championships 1968-74. In skis Thomas Värmland represented in 1969, he went the last stretch of the TV screen, where Värmland was second. The TV screen, like the TV puck and the Swedish Youth Championship, was important TV broadcasts for youth sports for many years.

Already at the age of 18, however, the coach / leader interest took precedence over their own sports career. As a record player, Thomas became one of the first full-time coaches in Swedish sports, and also a record coach for the Simland team a couple of years later. The leadership career has included several Olympic Games and some 20 World and European championships from the 80s up to 2010 in various roles, such as the Sports Manager, the Federation coach but also as a board member of the Swedish Sim Federation.

Thomas also has a 6-year period in Danish swimming at Elite Center in Farum. In recent years, there has also been work for Eurosport as an expert commentator.

In parallel with sports work, Thomas has worked as a company manager and owner of companies in several industries, for a total of 25 companies in the owned company group. At the bottom there is also an education as a teacher. During the years 1986-88, Thomas created and conducted the business fair Blickpunkt Filipstad.

Thomas took office in July 2018 as Filipstad's 28th Ambassador!

Club coach in Filipstad (of which 2 years in Karlskoga, one of the youngest and first full-time coaches in Swedish sport) with 2 own Olympians, with silver on the Olympics for Carina Ljungdahl and bronze at the European Championship for Suzanne Nilsson in team cup. The club (s) conquered several SM gold during this period!

Thomas is again living in the home town of Filipstad. The city that smells the best, has the good Wasab bread, Nils Ferlin and "the swimming father John Eriksson" inventor of the propeller.

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