Fishing license specified below are available at Filipstads touristinformation.

Alstern-Lungens Fvof-  100:-/24 hours

Aspen-Daglösens Fvof- 30:-/week personalized, 130:-/week personalized (trolling), 50:-/Family, 150:-/family (trolling), 100:-/year personalized, 200:-/year personalized( trolling), 150:-/year Family, 250:-/year Family (trolling).

Bergslagskanalen- 200:-/week

Nordmarksälvens Fvof-  Lake 100:-/year, Lersjön trolling 200:-/year, River 50:-/24 hours, 200:-/week, 400:-/year

Nykroppa Storfors Fvof- Lakes-membershipcard 200:-/year, note. Skärjen (Gamefish) 100:-/day

Rämmens Fvof- 50:-/24 hours, 150:-/week, 200:-/year

Yngens Fvof- 70:-/day(inkl. trolling), 300:-/week(incl. trolling), 600:-/year (incl. trollling)

SFK Filip- Gammelhyttsjön,  Skribotjärn(Gamefish)150:-/24 hours

Tourist fisching license -46 lakes in one license 100:-/ day, 300 :- /week. Buy it here.


Fishing in Lakes and Watercourses- If you are in the mood for rainbow or char, look for the lakes stocked with game fish.