Restaurant Kolhuset

Next to Saxå Bruk is restaurant Kolhuset - Tastes from Värmland county in a cultural-historical environments.
Our menu consists of selected ingredients and flavors of solid craftsmanship where the ingredients have the highest priority. The dishes we do not make ourselves, we carefully choose from nearby producers or artisanal producers. The menu varies according to the season and based on the ingredients available - therefore the menus vary day by day.

We offer breakfast, lunch and four-course dinner!
Opening hours and current menu can be found on our website
Opening hours
Opening hours can be found on our
Saxå Bruk
Saxå bruk
682 92 Filipstad
Saxå Bruk
Saxån Herrgården
682 92 Filipstad
Municipality: Filipstad
Maria Dahlin
Saxå Bruk ligger mellan Grythyttan och Filipstad vackert beläget vid sjön Saxen. Saxå Bruk är öppet för besökande och välkomnar alla att bo där eller delta i evenemangen.
Saxå Herrgård ligger 13 km öster om Filipstad, ca 90 km nordväst Örebro
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