Tilas Stoll

At the "Högbergsfältet" there is Tilas Stoll, a horizontal mine, where you can go in and see what the mine looks like from the inside.
Tilas Stoll dates from 1767 and was then run by two mining boys from Sala. The "stoll" is named after the mayor Daniel Tilas (1712-1772) and was initially intended as a place of inquiry. It can later of course be used for the extraction of ore and other minerals. Initially, the "stoll" is made, which you can see on the smooth surfaces, but further into the use of powder. The "stoll" is about 25 meters long and you walk onto a built footbridge. Tilas Stoll has been suspended in 2015-2018 due to security risk but opened again in early September 2018 after the County Administrative Board secured the "stoll" again.

A "stoll" is a day resort, which is a horizontal place or a mine called by laymen, who at one end have a connection of a vertical mountain side. Usually, the opening of the chair is in a mountain side or slope and leads into break rooms or further in located shafts. A common purpose of "stolls" was to drain a mine from water. Prior to the breakthrough of the steam engine, county maintenance was one of the major problems of mining.
Länsstyrelsen i Värmland, naturreservat Arvika
Våxnäsgatan 5
651 86 Karlstad
682 40 Filipstad
Municipality: Filipstad
Bengt-Olof Löf
Högbergsfältet on a peninsula in Lake Yngen consists of 15 mines with 200 deep fenced in mine shafts which were worked from 15th century. These are among the oldest mines in Bergslagen.
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