The museum of Nils Ferlin

Take note of the text, the author, publisher, actor and "revue king" Nils Ferlin. Experience the environments he was familiar with and listen to his voice when he reads about the circus Tiger Brand.
The museum was opened in 2005 and here we can follow the scale from the rise in Filipstad with revues and actor work during the Bohemian years in Stockholm and Klara, where he developed into one of our most popular poets and to the last years in Roslagen.

The Ferlin Museum has been established through the active work of members of the Cultural Association Kulörta Lyktor and the Ferling Group in Filipstad, which has helped Filipstadsbør Sara Brolin, educated in museum design, and Bengt-Olof Löf, Filipstad.

The museum is located in the facilities of Museet Kvarnen.
Opening hours
Tuesday-Sunday 12 am - 4 pm
Föreningen Kulörta Lyktor
Kvarntorget 2
682 30 Filipstad
Museet Kvarnen
Kvarntorget 2
682 30 Filipstad
Municipality: Filipstad
Sara Virkki Björnberg
Gallery and museum of the poet Nils Ferlin. The museum was ianugrated the 12th of march 2005. It reflects the activity and poetry of the poet, mainly from his early years. On the 1st floor there is an art Gallery.
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Nils Ferlin


Pricetype: Adult
Price: 50 kr