Love Between moons

"Like spiers rising her works"
Ditte Reijers decoration made ​​of larch wood and stainless steel.
Love between moons - "Like the rising spiers her works"
Ditte Reijers embellishment is made of larch wood and stainless steel.
The narrow frame stretching up towards the sky, one spiral twisted and the other in the format of a wave motion. Administration is turning at a certain distance from the rest area, secured in the mouintain.

Included in the project - A borderless projects.
Project has 36 artists decorating assignment at 46 rest stops in between six Swedish counties.
Offering all residents and tourists visiting the various resting places a piece of culture alongside the coffee break
Filipstads Turistinformation
Viktoriagatan 8
682 30 Filipstad
Dammtjärns rastplats
Municipality: Filipstad
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Dammtjärns rastplats
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