Krigsflygfält 16

Krigsflygfält 16, War Airfield 16, located in the Brattforsheden conservation area, is an exciting nature and cultural area to visit.
On June 9, 1939, the Swedish government granted funds for the construction of the first 20 war airports, including the Brattforsheden. Following the tender procedure, a contract was signed on August 26, 1939 between the Royal. Aviation Administration and Aktiebolaget Road Improvements in Karlstad. According to the contract, the contractor undertook to carry out clearing, planning and cultural work for airfields at Brattforsheden. The work was to be started "immediately" and conducted so that the entire area was completed on October 1, 1940.

Now about 80 years later, the area is still well preserved and here, in addition to wandering around and seeing the place, you can also book a guided tour and a time in the flight simulator.

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Stiftelsen Krigsflygfält 16
Andra Villagatan 1
653 41 Karlstad
Krigsflygfält 16
Municipality: Filipstad
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Krigsflygfält 16
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