Brattfors hembygdsgård

The building has a high age. Probably from the 1600s. Certain times in summer it is cafe. Other times prebooked.
The building was moved in 1933 to its current location just north of Brattfors church. Precise information about the age of the building is difficult to mobilize, but the cottage, then it originally was, however, were cultivated and inhabited already in the 1600s. The first known crofter named Kristoffer Andersson and was born c. 1640. The croft was held by the same family for about 200 years next to the mid-1800s.
When the last inhabitant of the later part of the 1920s moved to the nursing home became the house standing empty. In that situation came in the local history association's possession,

Downstairs, there is the old kitchen, cooking chamber and the "cottage", ie the great room. On the upper ground, now furnished to the residence, was above the kitchen a farmhand chamber and in the north a large space (probably cultivated as granary.
In ancient cuisine on the ground floor has a fireplace with huge iron hob .The ceiling is the roof structure in the old way visible.

Prebooking only.
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Brattfors hembygdsförening
Bratts väg 7
682 91 Filipstad
Brattfors hembygdsgård
682 91 Brattfors
Municipality: Filipstad
Brattfors hembygdsförening
Hembygdsgården är en gammal byggnad som tidigare stått vid Franstorp i socknens södra del och förvärvades av Brattfors hembygdsförening ganska snart efter föreningens bildande 1928. År 1933 flyttades byggnaden till sin nuvarande plats ett stycke norr om Brattfors kyrka.
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