Hiking Trail Granbergsleden

Granbergsleden starts at the lake Bosjön at the village Rämmen along old paths and roads. Along the paths there are many remnants of crofts.
Wearing boots is recommended.
Start: Eastern part; directions from route 245, Rämmen
Start: Western path; from Sundsjön
Note. The path is not an easy way to walk.

Granberget was a village in the forest and by it´s natural borders in three communities; Nordmark, Gustav Adolf and Rämmen. Granberget has probably been a very beautiful village but now the forest has taken back what industrious people for centuries have been farming.

The walking path was constructed by students and teachers at Stålvallaskolan in Lesjöfors 2010.
Leif Olsson
680 96 Lesjöfors
+46 59031024
Municipality: Filipstad
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