Hiking on Brattforsheden

A conservation area which includes the nature reserves Lungälvsravinerna, Geijerdalsmossen, Kittelfältet och Brandfältet. There are areas of geological interest such kettle holes, ridges and ravines.
In 1984 Brattforsheden was designated a conservation area. Within the approximately 29000-acre area is the cultural reserve Military Airfield 16 and four nature reserves Lungälvsravinerna, Geijerdalsmossen, Kittelfältet and Brandfältet.
Kettle holes are formed when part of an iceberg gets trapped at the bottom of a hole and is unable to move, unlike inland ice that is constantly moving as a large mass and is referred to as "living ice".
Excellant hiking opportunities and numerous nature trails start from Kittelfältet and Brattfors foundry.
Länsstyrelsen Värmland
Våxnäsgatan 5
651 86 Karlstad
Brattfors by
Rv 63
682 91 Filipstad
Municipality: Filipstad
Hans Lundberg
Brattfors ligger ca 1 mil från Filipstad längs rv 63. I byn finns bl.a Lindgårdens handel med second hand och byns samlingplats bygdegården samt Brattfors kyrka. Utmärkta vandringsleder på naturreservaten på Brattforsheden. Brattfors gård driver STF vandrarhem. Välkommen till en levande landsbygd.
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